Hundreds of reasons for peripheral neuropaties

November 26, 2007 at 11:50 am

I understand your concern viewing the similarities with CIDP.

When I watch threads like this, I cannot resist in comparing with my thyroid problem. The symptoms are similar too ๐Ÿ™‚

I do not have GBS or CIDP, but this forum has been my family of help during the time when I was undiagnosed. My symptoms turned out to be hypothyroidism/Hasmimoto’s (the autoimmune variant) with B12 vitamin anaemia.

When I first went to hospital, I was examined for GBS, MS, Borrelia, celiac and a lot of other things. I had CT, MRI, blood tests, emg test, etc. The doctors did not find out anything and sent me home with severe vertigo and not being able to walk on numb, aching, sleepy, tingly legs with weaker and weaker muscles. This was all over my body. Aching muscles everywhere – pain moving around. Not being able to distinguish hot from cold in certain spots on the skin. Dropping things from my hands, not being able to carry (had to use backpack). Tongue feeling larger, hair falling out creating small nests when bathing, extreme fatigue, memory and concentration problems, depression etc.

Thyroid problems are common, if you are in your fourties or older, etc. Check out this forum: [HTML][/HTML]

Your relative should be checked for the following by blood tests:
diabetes, Thyroid: TSH, T4, T4 free, T3, T3 free, TPO antibodies, TRAS antibodies, deficiency in B12 vitamin also called cobalamin, iron deficiency, ferritin, transferritin, D vitamin, Calcium, Potassium and what others in this forum might recommend.

Thyroid problems are often accompagnied by other co-morbid conditions, and thyroid problems can be a bit difficult to get diagnosed as well.

Very many people suffering from thyroid problems are perscribed anti-depressans for years before being diagnosed correctly with a thyroid disorder.

If you read the symptoms of B12 deficiency, you will notice that this too can give peripheral neuropathy.

Anyway, it is worth to rule out the above, but as Pam says there are hundreds of reasons for peripheral neuropaties. With luck you may find the right one ๐Ÿ™‚

Good luck for your relative!