Humor–or a making a statement? Update on CV

July 17, 2007 at 10:20 pm

Hello All,
My daughter is on a definite forward trend….and it’s been along, anxious time coming. CV is breathing on her own for most of the daytime hours; relying on the vent at night, and when just plain wore out and tired. Is being fed real food; tube feeding only at night to compensate for any missing caloric intake. PT is cautiously optimistic that in 2-3 weeks she may be able to transfer to the rehab floor of the hospital and out of intensive care.

We visited this weekend and saw firsthand the remarkable, albeit incremental, changes over the past two weeks. She can raise her arms from the elbow off the bed against gravity. She waved to us, in a very unsteady motion, as we entered her room. When she makes a fist with her right hand, the middle finger seems to have a mind of its own and uncontrolably pops straight out! (All other fingers stay curled under except the one.) Hmmmmmm…might that be a subconscious statement of what she thinks of this whole GBS situation?! It’s not nice, but it is funny!

I could never thank each of you personally, but I do thank God for you every day. I include prayers for your returning health and strength.