humor a must!

February 5, 2008 at 6:16 am

same thing here with the hot/cold issues of my extremities. my irregular temps are obviously worse when i’ve had septic infections from like picc lines or PPE lines.
anyhow, my most recent ordeal is having night sweats, neuro says it’s from the imuran i am taking. i also sleep with a CPAP mask, making me feel more smuttered at times, and a fan pointed directly at my head.
well one day last month i was so frustrated with the night sweats and having to change my bed linens so often…..i did what my family refers to as a “britney spears”. i grabbed up the clippers and shaved it all off!!! ah!!! what relief it was!!! the night sweats have reduced 🙂
when i do have the occasional cold spell, i keep around goofy stocking caps and trippy sock hats from like hot topic!!

it’s all about comfort!!! comfort means more to me than hair apparently!!!