Hummm? Does that mean?….

May 15, 2011 at 11:42 pm

We all go on Topamax to lose weight or just starve ourselves? DUH? SO WE CAN GET IVIG?
I AM handicapped. I do NOT walk well nor long nor often..if I can help it?
I get tired walking, and I also get grumpy? Ever see an unhappy alligator? That can be ME when I get grumpy. I am becoming tempted to carry a mini-taser to get around nasty people tho. Consider that grumpy!
IF in any doctors diagnostics and or prescriptions that there is introduced the factor of weight w/o the fat factor? Since most protocols now assess by weight and weight only? To introduce a new factor? Well, To me? Spells CLASS ACTION DESCRIMINATION Lawsuit?
I Bet you? I’m gonna look up Jerry Seigel and find out as much as possible. Will reveal only what is relevant..
I do not know what to say to this all other than utter disgust. Then advocacy whereever it is should be employed. Tho most are not educated nor trained in this quarter? Time to learn. How you learn is up to you.
Hope for all.