August 14, 2006 at 10:31 am

Lets see…
I never “attached” an image. I’m not sure how you are doing that… I use the insert image icon. Then the little box jumps up for you to paste the url in. When I upload the files/pic to the storage site, I ckeck the 320X240. The File that you want to show must have a .gif extension if it is an animation. Gifs will work with the insert image. My pictures that I show are .jpg files. I can post them big, but that takes time to load, so I reduced them to 320X240. So, maybe the file type is the problem. I downloaded your animation that you have showing. It is less than 100×100, but you knew that? But the first time I tried to upload it to the storage place I used it refused it, saying it was the wrong file type.. That’s why I mentioned the file type. when I looked to see the file type, it is a gif, and the site accepted it the next time I tried it. (go figure) So, I’m going to post it and see if it says attached image when I do it.. I got the feeling an attached image is limited in the file size, but I don’t know how you are attaching it.. (doh.) here goes using insert image.

and it don’t say attached.. so try using the insert image, with a larger pic/image. I hope this helps..