Howdy Folks!

April 5, 2008 at 11:10 pm

I really appreciate your input! (Julie, V, Gabrielle, et al;-)

I’m headed for my third month of IvIg, on the 22nd, had a EMC, NCv Thursday (though, he only has the pre Prendisone Shot to compare, so this is just a “baseline”) I’ve been on the Steroids since 10-1, still am, and, it seems, that is all that is keeping me going? The IvIg seems to have a negative effect (or, at leat I take a week or more to recover from each)

Doc is double checking for ANYTHING else that might be complicating things? He seems a bit concerned it has returned more to my legs and stayed fairly controlled in my arms?

Anyway, link me, tell me more about this “adder ” to the IvIg drip? Also, if anyone has positive to say about one “Brand” over another? Octagam is what they are usuing (supposedly due to their success in other patients?)

As far as “trusting” my Doc? He seems nice and knowledgeable enough. But he is a surrogate, my Diagnosing Doc left the Parctice in Jan- leaving a 6 man group down at 4. Not much time, it seems. Though, when I asked him how many CIDP patients he has treated- he told me 11. Relatively big number for the “Big City of Roanoke VA”. How can you know?

Anyway, you advice and friendship is appreciated, I feel pretty alone, in this; the Single-Dad-Do-It-Yourselfer is pretty frustrated being told to “just wait!”

Peace Y’all,