How much pushing, P/T, or exercise?

January 7, 2011 at 11:26 am

Hello somebody’s ‘sister’, Welcome.

Regardless of his condition it is imperative that he keep moving as much as possible. I know from personal hardship that the less he does, the more depressed he gets, the less he will do and then it is harder on everybody around him.

While p/t is considered by many people to be essential, let’s face it, most of us cannot afford it for very long. At any rate, sooner or later, he needs to take charge of his own care. I am confident we would all gladly go to p/t three times a week where ‘somebody’ can make us do something, yet we won’t go walk down the street even once a week. That’s human nature.

I bet he is capable of something. Stand up? If he can stand then stand up between a door frame, get his balance, raise one leg, alternate legs. Continue. Can he do one sit up? one push up? He’s gotta find the inspiration to do it. Put some rice in a container, get a second empty container. Using his hand(s) to grasp the rice, move it from container to container.

Easter Seals and YMCA often offer free or discounted programs, ditto for the MDA- Muscular Dystrophy Association. Contact them.

We’ve all had to fight ‘oh, poor me, I can’t do anything, I lost my job, now I’m nobody.’ Find something, anything to smile about. Ditto for you- finding smiling I mean. 🙂

By the way, encourage him to join in here…..