How long to get a diagnosis for CIDP

June 3, 2011 at 10:41 am

First diagnosis while being on holidys was bladder-infection. Upon arrival in Athens went to a general hospital, they performed various tests during a week (also neurological) and couln’t come to a conclusion. The neurologist there said there was nothing neurological. Left hospital, went to an independent neurologist who decided on either some brain-infection or Guillain Barre. I went to another hospital, neurological department, demanded to see the head and with the suggestions of the independent neurologist asked for a lumbar punction, EMR, relevant blood tests, and a electromuograph. The latter showed definately something amiss while the EMR was clean. I was hospitalised, started on Prezolon and lumbar puncture as well as other blood tests were performed. The day after they started me on the 5-day IvG with diagnosis ICDP. Very quick if I take the other stories in consideration.