How do I play this?

September 17, 2006 at 9:56 pm

I did find peace in the fact that I am not alone! It was a rough day. I could not help myself, i found myself laughin at some of the hallucinations. Some were pretty funny others just made me cry! He would be in the middle of a full blown hallucination and if you asked him where he was he could tell you and go right back into the hallucination. How should we deal with it? Do we point out or try and explain what is going on and tell him what he thinks is happening really is not or do we just play along? In the few moments when he was lucid, he seems to know that it’s “all” not happening cuz he will make the comment “man I am really out there”.

This afternoon they gave him some xanax to help with the problem and it seemed to calm him some but still not all the way. Tonight they are also gonna try some sonoda(sp) sleeping pill ih hopes that will help him rest.

Again I say Thanks to all. It helps so much to know that my mother and I are not alone in this