How do I get started on my way for the stem cell journey!

February 2, 2011 at 2:37 pm

Dear Alice,

I am a new member, but have had CIDP for 5 years and most recently diagnosed with RA six months ago. I went to the link and read all of the info. Who does my neuro contact to start the process? How do you qualify? I am going to go to Jon’s Facebook page when I have time this weekend. I am really excited and have always been very proactive in my treatment, so any leg work I can start, I am on it!

Thanks so much for your positive attitude! Can’t sympathize with the cold as it was 20 below today and my second graders had to have indoor recess again today because it was too cold to go out. UGH! I love them dearly…they get me out of bed each morning no matter how bad I hurt. I know they are depending on me to be these and I am not one to disappoint them.

That is why this is so important to me. My family, my grandbabies, my students. I want to rid my body of these miserable diseases so I can motor around pain free…..what a novel idea…pain free…what is that!!?

Good luck to you all in Chicago. May I be able to follow in your path soon!