How are you doing with all this?

October 12, 2011 at 7:37 pm

My husband came down with GBS, later changed to CIDP the beginning of the year. He didn’t go as far down as your wife. He declined for months. I remember the sheer terror of the situation and helplessness I have felt though this whole ordeal.

I wish I could give you great advise, like “it will get better”. You both will get through this….but I am not there yet.

Posting here is what helped me get through each day. I have never felt so completely helpless and out of control in my life.

My advise is, take a bit of time for yourself. Go get a cup of coffee and breath. I didn’t do any of this until Marshall started getting better. That was 4+ months. I was a wreck. Well, I am actually still a wreck.

But, my husband is walking now (with a cane and braces). If you need to talk with someone, please email me! [email][/email]