How about some new categories??

September 11, 2010 at 9:52 am

I did not realize that we had similar experiences…even after reading many of your posts from the past 4 years. The ER sent me home with a broken ankle, instructed me NOT to put weight on it/use crutches, and would not listen when I told him I could not stand and I lived alone!! I couldn’t even Sorta walk..I was like a rag doll. ..I started off scooting on my bottom and then I got strong enough to crawl! Luckily I had a half year in sick days and also was in a sick leave bank. My principal hounded me to retire early. (Her karma will come back to her!!) I could only eat what was on the bottom rungs of the refrigerator. So I closed the door and sat on the cold linoleum floor eating…too much effort to crawl back to the dining room floor!. My knees eventually developed calluses from the hardwood floors. I had to chew eat mouthful of food 50 times and wash it down with a carbonated soda. I used a butter knife to open the soda can..plastic coat hanger to turn on the lights, and had to use sofa cushions like steps to get up to the sofa..which I threw a leg over and rolled onto it!! Didn’t get in my bed or the tub for 5 months. BUT I did have a man on (who I had barely started corresponding with before I went down with GBS) offer to drive over an hour and come up to put me in the tub!! Yeeech…. My piano tuner offered to strap me in his van and take me to the library..(not telling me that I could order the books on line and he could have picked hem up.)
Is this what they mean by Blondes have more fun???

MILD is like Hot sauce….it is still spicy….If one has to be hospitalized, you have moved out of the MILD category. Maybe we should come up with categories for GBS…..Mild, UH OH, Houston we have a problem, and GOD help me!

Jason, I disagree with your doctor…it took me months for it to get full-blown…but that is because I was on tons of supplements. I still couldn’t stand for 4-5 months. I think PAt is right….it depends on which doctor you see. I still like my categories better.