Hot to touch knee

December 20, 2008 at 5:13 am

Hey Stacey,

Ouch! Sorry your having such a rough go of it. Your doing a good job tring to keep up the pace but paying a toll for it. Take it easy on the knee over the weekend. You need to get that localized inflammation down before your kneefills up with fluid or worse yet, blood.

I banged my knee workin on a plane 24yrs ago, it got red and hot. I kept walking on it cause I was young and dumb. well, next thing I knew, the bursa filled with blood too thick to draw with a needle so the knee operation happened. And my first sign of CIDP or MMN. The RH peroneal became numb and stayed numb to this day. I alway attributed it to the massive swelling that occured, but it was what is now one of my conduction blocks. This was when I found my current Dr. of 24yrs. He saw me limping but had no appt. and took me in under his wing ever since.

Lesson being, a sore knee is nothing to mess around with. Baby it! All Weekend if necessary. No deep bending keep it staight as possible and elevated with ice, and if you can, take aleve or stronger anti inflammatory.
Thats what I would do. Get your result on Monday. Even if its not fractured
your not out of the woods until the inflammation goes down.

Good Luck KIDDO!