Hopeful…for a friend

November 17, 2006 at 6:59 pm

Yesterday was my first day on this site..I had tears I could not hold back when I came upon it by accident. A year ago I came down with a sever case of GBS and had both kinds of treatment and still took a relaps. I can only say that the Dr.’s I had (which was several) was very aggressive with the lung meds and kept me off of a ventalater sp? MY face and whole body but the lungs were affected and I’m still with some paralisis. I hope your friend will keep up her rehab. and specially rehab in the pool. My husband was by my side through the whole time. Tell your friend that Mothers only want to help but sometimes don’t know how to. My spouse took special training to help me and still made mistakes. My hardest lesson was to learn to slow down not just my body but my heart and thinking too. Concentrate on love and blessings when dealing with others this is a long time recovery type of illness and you may need help later,;) remember that each one of us must truely be unique and special to be one out of 100,000….love, Peeps