Hope you get your treatment worked out quickly.

November 15, 2011 at 7:50 pm

I know how disconcerting and overwhelming it is to take in the news of your diagnosis. I had never even heard of CIDP and was totally in the dark – my diagnostic doctor handed me approx a half page of information on CIDP and that was all. I felt so lost … but this forum is here to help you find your way through both information overload and underload!

As you go forward with treatment and/or med options, you can use the search on the toolbar to look for previous threads regarding that option and get input from a variety of people that tried that same option also. It gives a broader picture of what you might expect and can help you to weigh your options. Not everything works the same for everyone.

As for venting, well, that happens here also!

I hope the insurance approves quickly and that your back surgery goes well. Please keep us posted.