hope things are better

September 6, 2010 at 10:31 pm

hope youre feeling better now with the ivig—dont ever feel bad about venting!!!! keeps us sane. This is a horrible disease–comes on unexpected–its not like its well known, so nobody has a clue what it is all about—i feel like its taken everything too–i used to ski all winter, run 5 miles a day, teach exercise classes at a local gym. coach all my kids elementary and town sports, play all sports, aced the military pt test while ennlisted —and now i feel like im walking at snail pace and couldnt run if i had to!!!!!!! i try not to complain because i know there are people worse off than i am—-but i think we all have those days when we wonder why we were the ones that had to get this horrible disease and its hard not to get angry about it. Lori