Hope no one minds

November 16, 2008 at 1:14 am

I really would like to ask for prayer for my little Lhasa Apso puppy..Mr. Wiggles. Last night I came home around 4:30 and couldn’t find him. My son told me he had let him outside to play and hadn’t seen him for about fifteen minutes. My house sits on four acres of land which is on a state highway but my house sits at the back of the property so it is a little walk to the highway. On the other side of the highway is wildlife propert/state or public land. Anyway, I heard Mr. Wiggles barking and crying so i went down towards the sound and found him across the highway on the public land with his foot caught in a game trap. (first of all he isn’t allowed down to the road and so i was surprised he was down there.) Anyway, when i got to him he was covered in blood, all over his face and his leg and I tried to get the trap off of him but couldn’t budge it. I yelled and yelled for joshua and his friend and finally they heard me. Joshua came down but he couldn’t get the trap off either so he pulled the stake out of the ground and we took mr. wiggles to the vet with the trap still attached. the vet had to put him to sleep in order for joshua to get the trap off because the vet coudln’t get it off either. We don’t know if it broke anything or not but it cut the circulation off to his foot so we aren’t sure yet if he will lose his foot or not. Today he is acting really good and has actually put weight on his foot and doesn’t act like it is hurting him too bad. But I am so angry because this man set his traps (there was another one right across from the first one) right on a path where people drive and walk down into the wild life..even little kids walk down there and my foot would fit in this trap so I know it isn’t safe for a child. I called the man and he was a real jerk about it. I told him I wasn’t angry with him for trapping just where he put the trap, which is illegal. He was a real jerk. I told him I felt he should be responsible for the bill and of course he said no..This vet bill is going to be terrible but Mr. Wiggles is so important to me I couldn’t let anything happen to him.

So, please pray that Mr. Wiggles foot will be ok and that no other animals or children will be caught in one of these traps. They are so inhuman and no one should ever have to see something like that. I live in the country and my family hunts but I have never seen anything so cruel in my life.

thanks everyone