Hope and Peace

December 24, 2008 at 11:04 pm

We all wish for you a new year that is better than this one has been. Hang on to that hope and grab each bit of peace as it comes. Although there are bad things that have happened this last year, there are things to celebrate as well–you have lots of people that care about you and Kevie, you know better now how to help Kevie so that he is able to run and play in that 12 inches of snow. Take a little time for yourself over these holidays just to take a deep breath. I just came back from our candlelight service and life feels so much better. It always touches me for people to share the light and Christmas music is awesome, my favorite. Love is the reason for the season no matter one’s religion although it is easy to forget that in the hussel and bussel that we all do. I lit a candle for children everywhere–for health, and love, and peace to them and us who forget to live as a child sometimes and just appreciate the joy of snow, of a beautiful song, of a hug.