Honestly, it could be anything!

November 20, 2009 at 6:42 pm

Do go to your GP and start the basic rounds to first ELIMINATE any cardio issues. It really would be wise to check that possibility off ANY lists. It mite not even be CIDP caused at all….or not.
This is like a ‘possible cancer’ diagnosis? Don’t panic until it’s been checked out from A-Z. While it’s it’s hard not to panic? Save your energy for all the testing that likely will be done. Take a good look at your cholesterol levels and if they and your BP #’s are high? It’s more likely cardio than CIDP related..tho maybe, in some rare cases the CIDP can affect some autonomic systems.
Nearly all the cardio tests I’d gone thru were due toa vision problem I’d have and still get occasionally were non or not too invasive. I didn’t come out w/any definitive diagnosis? But I suspect that for me?, it was IG product and infusion rate related- as the vision issues only happened after infusions. Since I’ve changed how, where and when I get my IG? There have been very few issues. TIA’s were suspected in my instance, but there were no other symptoms other than the vision and they happen rarely now.
So, call your GP now if you can and set up an appt for next week or the week following – I don’t know about you? But I hate having to go to the ER!
Keep calm and try and note everything that you ate, did, didn’t do, etc. that could have contributed to what’s going on.
In the meantime? Keep stress to a minimum. We CIDP’ers don’t take to stress well and you don’t need more to worry about.
Be the cool guy you are and it’ll work out for sure.