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May 9, 2009 at 3:44 pm

Hi kelly,

It made me sad to hear Emily was having some trouble. Whenever I think about this stuff, children alway come to mind first. Kinda weird the nurse up quit with no notice. thats a bummer.

Maybe the nurse was did it that way because of the attachment and separation from patients. who knows

I have Aetna Heath Care. All the gamunex, suppies etc come directly to me from their Pharmacy in Florida. I maintain inventory with the nurse.\
They ship the product UPS Next day air to my house the week before, usually Saturday. I put it in the Frig until the night before then take it out
to warm up.

They alway use Gamunex. I questioned the supply and she said she was there 4 years and they never had a disruption in gamunex.
That product seems to work ok with me so I am good there.

They issued me a CAD pump, a little bag to hold it.

So far, the same nurse. I do Friday infusions, but like if I switch to Mondays, She can’t make its so a sub would come in.

The nurse schedules with me directly and report to her behind the desk coordinator.

The Nurse always offers flexibility depending on her shedule. she is kinda part time and near retirement so her plate isn’t real full. she can move around and has offered Saturdays. I was immediately comfortable with her.

For the adults Its probably wouldn’t phase me to bop around between nurses, but with young children, you defineately want the child to have a trust and bond. Its a big part of the mental aspect.

This would be a good time to switch if you feel the current agency won’t be suitable for Emily. you do your homework pretty well, I am confident you’ll find the best way for Emily. Hope she does well.–tim–

PS–Sorry to hear about the spider. OUCH! they can be nasty. See Ya Kelly