Home infusion it is!

January 7, 2009 at 9:33 pm

Howdy folks,

I got the call today. I am approved for home infusions. They use Gamunex.
Don’t know about that stuff, they gave me panglobulin at HUP(PHL).
They are gonna mail in the pump, kits and all the drugs in two weeks.
Still havn’t been contacted by the actual nurse yet, but its early.

The doctor thinks I can handle it in two days. So, I will Try. I hope I don’t get that freakin headache. Today is the first day It went away since Monday.
I had one day of flu like that was very tolerable. If that is the worst It get, I can deal with that.

This stuff is like a miracle. I am walking sooo good. Everyone who saw me today at work and my daughter all said wow, your walking so good today.
I guess I get 25 days then it tapers off. It undid in 4 days what the 6 weeks of steroids did to me in a negative way. I hope I get on a roll here.
Thanks- tim