Home from endocrinologist

January 23, 2007 at 10:13 am

Hi, everyone,

Today I went to see the endocrinologist. Quick consultation for 10 minutes. He said with one look at the tests that he could not help me.

[COLOR=”Red”]TSH: 5 (normal 0,2-5)[/COLOR]
T4: 89 (normal 60-160)
T4 free: 12.8 (normal 10-22)
T3: 1.9 (normal 1.0-2.6)
[COLOR=”Red”]Thyroid antibodies: more than 1300 (normal 0-59)[/COLOR]

When I gave him the article from AACE American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists on lowering [COLOR=”Red”]TSH references to 0.3-3.0[/COLOR] from 2002, he said that AACE has gone back to the original reference values since then. I have checked, and it is not true to judge from their website.

When I asked about antibodies, he said that all women have antibodies and that they don’t mean anything when the rest of the results are in the normal area. AND he said that all else that I could show him was probably just invented by the american lawyer woman who had nothing to do with real doctors and who had been misquoted all over the place. [COLOR=”Blue”]Can the American Thyroid chat forums really be that misled?????[/COLOR]

When I showed my diary of symptoms, he said that they seemed more neurological and not within his area of expertise. The neuro’s at the hospital have given up on me 😡

Well I left the place in tears. I had my hope up to high. He did not examine me at all, and he just told me to get a check-up with my GP once a year to see if there are any changes. But I cannot function now!

I went straight back to my GP, and asked what I should do. She said that my symptoms were probably just psychological. 😮

Luckily my husband intervened and said that it was a question about references. She reluctantly finally agreed to send me to a hospital again to be seen by the endocrinologic department which has a long waiting time.

I could choose to go to a private clinic but it is costly and without insurance. In Denmark you have to get referred in order to get insurance.

I had a chock today, and I have been crying a lot. I hope that I have been coherent in writing this.

Please give your thoughts, especially if you have had thyroid problems as well.