Home for good next weekend

May 27, 2007 at 9:45 am

Well I’m going to start my last week at the rehab on Monday. I’m feeling OK, I can walk few steps on my own.. but I’m like robot when I do that. Last week my feet went nub like when I got paralyzed and I could hardly move it, I think I have overdue me walking around the store´s in Reykjavik, was walking like 2 hours constantly.. was feeling rather bad but it was so much fun going out with friends I did not want to complain to them 🙂 but I learn a lesson about sit down when your feet is killing you 🙂 it is 7 month since I was dx with GBS and it is still long road ahead to get full “recover”
One victory .. went to shower all on my own.. stood there and wash my hair and body.. how great it was … next step is to get to my spa in the garden, what a wonder that will be 🙂
take all care and I tell you more how it is to be home for good.