Home based work opportunities….??

January 20, 2007 at 11:15 am

Hi Binky,

Are your skills such that you could offer tutoring — perhaps in your home? Maybe in that way you wouldn’t become so fatigued – ??? — Don’t know that it would bring in much $$$ or provide the benefits that your job would provide though. There may be other home-based jobs to consider also. –????

Also, is there a handicap advocacy type organization available in your town — ??? — I also don’t think that you can be evicted under your circumstances — but I’m not a lawyer so I really don’t know.

I think the best idea is to reach out to a local church and accept their help. Most large churches have created quite a resource list and welcome opportunities to help in their own community. It is very rewarding for folks to help others — and you definitely need help.

I hope you can figure out a plan and I wish you the best…