Hmmm! Very interesting Deb

August 22, 2008 at 3:41 am

Very interesting Deb! About your mother and you getting sick at the same time. My mother and I both do the same thing. And I too have problems with being hypersensitive. Can catch any little bug that is normal for the healthy person for them to get over it fast. But for myself a typical 24 hour bug ends up making me deathly ill and will take 4 or 5 days to get over it. I developed Scarlet Fever and that landed me in the hositipal for 5 days. I’m scared to death of trying out new medications.Don’t know how I am going to react to them.
Any little trigger of something can make me sick. Going to ask my doctor this week about CIDP and the heart muscle. See what his input would be. And something I have noticed with being hypersensitive is the Global Warming strange weather patterns we are having now today. I also wonder if this is a gene factor with GBS/CIDP. Us being born with a certain genetic pattern.
When I was a child, I never gained weight. Was always loosing weight. Very skinny. I was in my 30’s before I started gaining weight. After I was treated on medication and a hysterectomy. And I was always getting sick with a virus. The older I got the more my immune system got weaker.
We all had those childhood diseases too, like the measles, mumps & chicken pox.
My mom told me that I barely got sick and had no problems until I started school and had to get vaccinated. Then I got very skinny and frail. I missed 3 weeks of school with the chicken pox. That stuff eat me up. The measles too caused me to stay out longer than normal. I can’t remember about the mumps. I know I had them but think I was a bit earlier.
Ohh! My father was Military and we were in Germany when I was born. When we came back to the US, I was 4 years old. Before coming back to the US, I had to have several vaccines of all kinds just to be able to come back to the US. Right after that my mother said I started loosing weight and got sickly then. I still question the vaccine factor! Wonder what was in those vaccines back then. There was also a drug they used back then for pregnant mothers in labor over in Germany. Found out later that drug was banned. My mother had that drug given to her in labor. Forgot what it was called. Just so many factors but not one to pinpoint this disease. I wonder what our scientist and researchers really know about this disease. What scientific things they have found but just won’t really say anything because they too are unsure or afraid they could be wrong. Very interesting topics here!