Hmm, now you got me thinking!

August 21, 2008 at 9:31 pm


Jim’s comment about CIDP and heart stuff being related is VERY interesting. I must admit it crossed my mind when I started reading this thread. Paroxsymal Atrial Tachycardia (PAT) can be caused by a virus. CIDP can be caused by a virus….man, I have had some nasty viruses!!!!

I had PAT dx when I was nine. I got ill with acute renal fairulre about the same time in my life that Mom was ill (she was in her mid thirties, I was in my mid thirties). That only happened once and resolved – but left me with chronic pain that seems to have “mutated” into CIDP.

Mom has a bunch of issues with environmental allergies, food sensitivities, etc. But, my husband has always found it interesting that Mom and I got sick about the same time in our lives.

I was been essentially healthy until I started with this in 1995 when I moved to NZ from Canada (nope I am not a Kiwi!) Even now my pain specialist calls me “young, fit and healthy”! Not sure about the fit part!!!

Anyway, you have to wonder whether all this is lying in wait for you — whether the virus that caused your PAT when you were young is the same thing that caused the CIDP as you got older!!!??? I don’t know. Our bodies are so complicated. I have never thought of them as inter-related.

You guys seem to have been having episodes of tachycardia type issues [B]after[/B] GBS/CIDP. My issues were clearly before. I find it interesting that your docs have been saying that there “may” be some relationship between them. Does that mean that the PAT is only a symptom and that my CIDP has been quietly demylinating for years before getting diagnosed???? Seems far-fetched.

As I said, hmmm, now I am thinking!!