Hiya, Thanks

June 3, 2008 at 10:58 pm

I feel bad complaining, when comparing my story to yours, and others. I can still waLK, notwell, not far. And I only fall sometimes.

I’ve not been in hospital, there is food uin the frdge and bills are paid. I just am losing my business, the hose is goi ng to hell and this former mechanic is paying shops to do work, landscapers to mow, etc, Witnb no income and no help. My Daughter is 7 my Son 18, both are great! But Maxworksand goes to school, Melanie, though very sweet, ican hardly pull the plow (j/k) Actually, her mother is a spendthrift TV addict that takes her noplace (due to being broke) and parks her in front of 1 TV then goes to watch another. So, I’m trying to use this “down time” to DO things w my baby;-) But, it ALL seems to wipe me out!

But, as I said, my symptomsare minor, by comparison. I guess my question is; How does one “Just Sit” as one’s life is crumbling?

I have ghopes this new specialist, at Johns Hopkins, can help me, byut the appt is a month from now. I pray I can endure.

God’s peace to you, as well;-)