hiya canarias

April 25, 2008 at 7:30 am

life can seem crap at times eh,
maybe you can look at it as your wee rest phase before you come back at full steam ahead!!!!!!!!!!! Can empathise with you, am not thrilled in saying have been there done that (have experienced life as quadraplegic) but if you hang in there and listen to your body and speak up to docs heres hoping you will find the strenght to get back to what you were capable off. Enjoy catching up on the reading etc while the doc sort you out. I am currently on weekly ivig (umtil recently been on twice weeklyl ivig) plus pulse methyl pred and azathiaprine, and to be honest it is nothing to have treatment so regulary as i now have my life back!!!!! Just went for a 2 km run today with my children, as the pain started to kick in i didnt even care as was so wrapt i cud do it. hang in there, you get it all back
kia kaha – stay strong ( and get someone to go get you that good book you were thinking about reading!!!!!!!!!!!)