history-joe flaherty

July 31, 2007 at 10:44 pm


Welcome to the forums! Often when members join, they post a brief history of their GBS/CIDP. Is yours under control at the moment and what treatments have worked, or not, for you.[/QUOTE]

i am a type 2 diabetic . my cidp ismost probabaly diabetic
neuropathy which progressed over a period of serveral years.in june of
2006 i started falling down at work and having trouble gripping things.
these problems led me to seek medical assitance and eventually to a very
fine neurologist.in july of 06 i went thru my first series of IVIG treatments.
the miracle was completed in august of 06 with the second series of IVIG.
because i was wheel chair bound at the beginning of treatment and now in seaming almost total remission.i have taken a very aggresive approach toward the dibetes,lifestyle ,eating habits ,drinking etc more to come.