Hi Udaman

June 8, 2009 at 2:59 am

Hi Udaman! So sorry to hear the news about SSD! They are very strict about a certain amount of Income. Back in the late 80’s I had a job making $30,000 a year which was great money back then. Went on disability and only got a measly check of $500.00 a month. I cried like a baby!
With your income being on the low side you might be eligible for Medicaid and Food Stamps. I would certainly check into it because of your disabilities.
SSD goes by a certain amount of Income. I get Disability but with that I can earn only $400.00 a month to make up the difference when I was working and they go by a percentage of that income I made before getting sick. Meaning I will never be allowed to make what I made back then when working.
I am not eligible for any other assistance because my husband and I both make too much money! I occassionly do Ebay every now and then but only when I see us starting to have problems with money! Meaning my medical bills are getting over and out of hand. So then I will Ebay and pay off a few bills to get us caught up again! But I make sure I never go over my limit that SSD has told me what I can make!
This past year though I have barely been able to even do that so I have not Ebayed in a while. Maybe one or two items here and there but not part time as I did before! In my State we have to pay taxes too on any Income earned from Ebay! Which I think is rediculious!
There are several that do Ebay full time that I know and they buy from companies and sell online. But in order to do that you would have to obtain a Federal Tax ID number from IRS and also open a Merchant Account. Plus you would then have to pay taxes on what you made. But at the end of the year you would file a Business Tax Form and could itemize the losses against the profits.
Certain things are tax deductible when you work at home and have a home based business. Office supplies like printer ink, bubble wrap, peanuts, computer supples, printer paper etc! Then a certain space of your home is tax deductible on utility bills. Meaning you can take a certain part of your phone bill off, electric bill, gas bill. The main bills that a business runs.
Hope this helps! Getting started though at first you would need the Fed Tax ID number in order to buy from wholesale companies! The Merchant ID you really would not need at first until you started making good money!
Full time in Ebay is hard work! Unless you have help! I know I can’t do it! Good luck though and I hope things work out for you! Hugs
Linda H