Hi Tim! Long time no see!

October 27, 2008 at 10:03 am

Hi Tim! Well that is wonderful news that he has figured out which kind of neuropathy you have and starting the Prednisone meds! Tim! Let him do the treatments on you with the Prednisone. At least he knows what kind of nerve damage you have now and will be able to try different things if the Prednisone doesn’t work.
That prednisone many years ago worked for me and I think you are going to see yourself feeling much better! He’s a good doctor and studies you well even when you don’t think he is watching! LOL! I loved him deeply! Sure miss that doctor too!
I think your going to see alot of improvements. You may have to stay on prednisone off and on at different times to keep the inflammation of the nerves down. He’s going to try taking away the inflammation down first and see how you handle this treatment plan and then will lower your dosages and see how well you do.
It really depends on the patient! Some need short term treatment while others need long term. And some will need spell of taking prednisone just to keep the nerve damage from flaring up again.
He will be watching you and testing every now and then to see if the treatment is working or not! But stay with him! He’s good! Glad to hear you finally got some answers!
Get well my friend! Get well! Hugs