Hi Terry!

November 21, 2008 at 8:19 am

Hi Terry! I wished I could give you a hug my friend for I know the heartache and pain that you are going through. It has been 6 years since I lost my father and I still get spells of mourning for him. It will get easier in time, but you will still have those bad days. Especially the special days that you had with each other. My poor mom! She still cries over my father. She’s better than what she was at first but when those special days come along she goes into depression. I noticed something last year and am expecting it to happen again this year. Every February 14th my mom ends up in the hospital. She has done it every year since my father died. That was their Wedding Aniversary and on that date my father always gave her nice gifts. The first year she developed a kidney infection so bad that on February 14th she landed in the ER and they had to do surgery. Found a Uretha Tract tumor causing the infection. Second year she got sick with a virus and dehydrated and ended up 1 week in the hospital. 3rd year same day she had a mild heart attack and we ended up at Pitt having two blockages removed with stints. the 4th year another heart attack. 5th year she ended up getting sick with very high blood pressure and dyhydration and this year is number 6. She is in the process of getting a knee replacement but right now going through the approvals through her other doctors and time is getting close. I just hope she doesn’t land back in the hospital on February 14th. Something about that day now scares me. I told my husband that I would not be surprised if she ends up passing away on February 14th. I sure hope not! But if she does, I will see to it that she gets nothing but beautiful red roses at her gravesite with a very large heart. She would then be joining my father again. It bothers me seeing my mom in so much pain for my father. But yet, I know how she feels. My father was very special to me and when he passed it tore me up! Literally tore me up. My mom can’t drive and get to the grave yard much. I go quite often and see to it he has flowers on his grave. But it just don’t seem real! Seems like it happened yesterday and not 6 years ago! I truely know your pain and it’s not easy dealing with. Sending you several Cyber Hugs your way!

Hi Terry

July 30, 2008 at 1:59 pm

Hi Terry! I am so glad to see you in here. I see you now have me in the forum and want to thank-you so much for talking with me and helping get support in here. There are some wonderful people in this site. Something I really needed right now!
I have that type of numbness that barely eve goes away. Ohhhh is it annoying. Not only annoying but you are right about the pain. My doctors have me on a low dose of Apralazam which is the generic for Zanax. But my dose is to low. When Neurontin came out they removed the higher dose of Zanax and that drug really helped me more that the other drugs. Also Clonopin is another good drug. Both are narcotics though but Clonopin is not as addicting. They seems to help ease the numbness alot. My doses are to low though and right now until they find out what is wrong, they are keeping me on these at low doses.
And I hate suffering! :rolleyes: I might try the Cymbalta again and see if that drug will help but am scared of taking it. I’m hypersensitive and these kinds of drugs scare me. Especially ones with certain side effects. Hope you feel better soon!