Hi Tara–I did mention you…

November 11, 2009 at 11:49 pm

Dr. Sahagian is a great guy. As you know, most doctors schedule a
15 minute appointment with most patients, due to payments of health insurance.
Today’s appointment with him lasted over 1 hour. My CIDP is getting worse, and we had a lot to discuss. But that is a good doctor is–he takes the time to LISTEN to me, and we talk about alot on my disease. I am going downhill, but that is another story, far too much to mention here.

But I mentioned about you, Tara. He knows I am part of the GBS/CIDP website, and I tell him how we support each other here. I told him how you are from Las Vegas, and that there are not many good neuros there.
I told him how you are part of Scripps with insurance, and that I recommended that she see you. I told he how you have an appointment to see you in December, and your first name was Tara,
I could not remember all your current problems, but I did ask him this–
I mentioned that you had GBS to start with, and you had a second bout with it–I then asked him that doesn’t a second bout with GBS symptoms mean CIDP–and he said YES, OF COURSE THAT WOULD BE CIDP.

Please feel free to discuss EVERYTHING with him–I think you will like him. And, as I mentioned–he does his own testing and will probably want to do some testing on you. You may want to ask him to do current testing with you, so he can compare past testing, and if there is a decline or status quo. And you may want to ask him to do a skin biopsy, to see if perhaps the CIDP has hit you autonomic system, which could be the solution to some of the problems you are running into.

He is VERY knowledgeable in his specialty. And what I like, is that he will send you to a different person of a different specialty, for treatment not under his specialty, such as he has a very good rheumatologist who is in control of my chemotherapy, as he says, that person is more knowledgeable in that specialty, rather than have himself in control of something he does not have FULL knowledge of, though the two doctors compare notes with each other all the time on me.

Good luck, Tara, and please let me know how it goes with Dr. Sahagian–I have been with him for years now.
All the best,