Hi Sue and Kristin!

June 11, 2009 at 8:17 am

Hi Kristin! I’m not trying to say either that you have Lupus and you might just have unknown CIDP. But with the nerves regenerating and demylenating there could be a possible auto immune disorder lurking. But then the treatment you had last year may have placed you in remission and you are better now! And you might not have any problems ever again! I would not sit here and worry myself to death and live the best life I could enjoying every moment of it. If there is something auto immune going on it will eventually come out of the woodwork.
Our bodies are our best doctors! When something goes on with our bodies that is different and it makes us feel different whether it be a rash, upset stomachs any kind of symptom we know there is something going on with us that felt different than before. And sometimes it can develop into a pattern constantly popping up and you never saw this happen like this before, then you know there is a symptom of something going on! Your body will know it and be able to tell the difference between normal and abnormal!
Right now you seem to be doing okay and that is good! But if you start seeing problems later on then let your doctors know!

Sue! They pretty much use the same type of dye for MRI’s. I can’t remember the name of the dye but most people do okay with it! CTScan dye though is amuch different dye and more people have problems with that one than the MRI dye. Are you allergic to any types of seafood? I know these dyes have some kind of seafood in them and they will ask you that when giving the MRI. Most likely because of your lower back problems a MRI of the lower spine would be the test you would need.

But inflammation does not always show up in the MRI”s! Some cases yes but some cases NO! I had several MRI”s and CT’s of the spine when my back got injured and nothing showed up. Except for a buldged disk from the accident.
I was in so much pain and could not understand why that darn back was giving me such a fit! Went to a back surgeon and he ordered a CT Mylegram of the lower spine and when that came in they found 3 buldged disk and one was shattered on the opposite side where an MRI did not pick up. And it showed Inflammation of the spine in that area!
You have two test options. A MRI of the Spine with contrast or a CT Mylegram of the spine in the area that is being bothered!
Sue! If that cyst is growing it could effect the hands, legs and many other parts of the body if it is compressing against the spinal cord! Almost like having Lumbar Spinal Stenosis!
Hope this helps!
Linda H