Hi Sophie and Alice!

December 20, 2009 at 6:51 am

Alice has to keep in he mind, this is going to take at least 6 months to see if this is going to work all the way. DON’T RUSH IT !!!

I am so glad she is doing so well. She must be so amazed by all this, and just walking normal without her evil prednisone…lol

I am glad you have a nice “white Christmas” planned–hope you DO have the snow then.

Frank and I have a nice Christmas planned with his Sicilian seafood dinner Christmas eve, and Sicilian specialties for Christmas Day, A very good friend flew over from Holland to stay with us, and get the house ready for Christmas this year. She was not sure that this might be my last Christmas, and knew I would need help to get Christmas ready. She’s already wrapped all our gifts for everybody–wow–that was a lot of work right there. And is busy getting the dinner table linens and napkins ironed. She is much help to us this year. Frank put up the Christmas tree yesterday, and it’s all decorated nice ! Plus he put up the outside lights. He’s working real hard. My job this year is to do the stockings– 14 of them. I had ordered all kinds of fun stuff–so, it’s 345am right now–my sleep hours are always off after I get chemo, so I’m working on them right now…lol.

Frank and I wish you and Alice a wonderful Christmas, and much luck, GOOD HEALTH, love and happiness for 2010 !!!
Ken and Frank