Hi Perry!

April 23, 2009 at 6:37 am

Hi Perry! Depending on which mom you are talking about. Kate my daughter in law… the new mom is doing really well. Tracy Dawn was a few weeks early and had to stay in the hospital a few days for jaundice. But came home after the 3rd day. Right after she was born she started turning a yellow color… which they called jaundice and placed her in high lighting and incubator machine.

My mom is doing much better and now out of the woods. At first they said she would have Chronic Kidney Disease because of the Kidney Failure but her last labs did not show that. Mom is now back at her home and using a walker. Andy is helping out with her now since I have been sickly. Only problem right now with my mom is her being afriad of letting go of the walker and she still has pain in her leg from the surgery. She’s afriad she might fall. So when Andy goes to check the mail he has her walking in her hallway holding on to the walls in hopes it gets her confidence back up.She can do it because I have already seen her do so. Just being a chicken right now. Eventually it will come where she will be walking normally again. Just a matter of time.

Today I have a doctors appt and really don’t feel like going to it but have no choice. Everytime I see this doctor his office is so busy. You go in there on time and then go through a 3 hour wait! I hate going to doctors anyway! Would rather spend my money on better things but I guess this is just a part of life for me and many others. Wished they would come up with free health care! Would make my life easier and many others too!
Thanks Perry! Yeah! I am really happy about having another little one in our family. Just wished they lived closer by so I could hold and love on her.

We are hoping to take a vacation this year to Florida so we can visit her! Before my son ends up going out to sea again!
Have a nice day Perry! Hugs
Linda h