Hi Paula

March 18, 2007 at 3:44 am

Thanks Paula

By the grace of God, my case was not so bad becaz just within one/two days, I was diagnosed as suffer of GBS and my Doc injected IVIG (one dose of continuous 6 bottles, each having 5 gms of ivig in 100ml fluid, another dose after 8 hours, in all three doses i.e. total 18 bottles) which helped to stop the progression of GBS. I stayed in hospital under observation for 1 week. I never had the problem of walking, Once I was stand on my feet I was able to walk independently. My problem was to stand up from sitting position and vice versa. I was not able to hold anything in my hands.

After returning home, two days later, my face became victim of paralysis, right side of face was affected and closing of my eye lid was also the problem. Immediately my PT started Electric stimulation which last for 10/15 days @ 20/25 minutes per day, along with 35/40 minutes light exercises.

Gradually face became as it was. I recovered fully within one & half month. I have no problem in day to day routine work, except some residuals like tremors in hand; early over exertion and tiredness; need to take more slip etc. etc. I do not take any medicine since last one year or so.

As far as you are concerned, after 19 months, Doc/PT expert can tell you more about it.

I would like to narrate here the story of one of my colleagues, (and is residing very near to me in our colony; aged around 30 years) was also down with GBS in October, 2006, who had the same facial problem and the same PT had used elec stimulations. His condition was worst than me bcaz he was paralyzed below waist. Elec.stimulation was applied to his both legs first which were badly affected and thereafter to his face. His recovery period was two months. Nowadays he is also very normal. I therefore feel you should seek the advise of an expert PT again in this regard.

Bye Bye take care.

Hi Paula

March 4, 2007 at 11:08 am

Welcome. I was diagnosed with GBS in last week of May, 2005, just three months later of yours. I did have the weakness of face. But due to electric stimulation, the face become as it was. I was given elec. stimulation for two weeks; about 20/25 minutes per day.

Pl let us know whether any such type of electronic or electric stimulation has been applied to you by PT? Or what the medication you had taken for the same?

Bye Bye, take care.