Hi Norb, Deb and BTW

December 29, 2008 at 7:16 pm

Hi Norb! I called my doctor today and told the nurse about it and she called me right back. Has me coming in on January 5th and they want to take the blood test and then scheduled an Endoscopy. January 9th. After looking at my records he too seemed to think that would not be a bad idea to test me and see what happens. In the meantime, I looked up a few things again today and Andy is going to get some groceries tomorrow with a food list I made up.

Deb! Sorry to hear you have Sarcoidosis. Not fun having. I have asthma and is gets pretty severe at times. The breathing stuff is no fun! I learned real fast about having more than one auto immune problem. I never knew this until I got on this board and talked to Kitt! I too have had Vasculitis but that has been controlled a while now. But I had CNS Vasculitis many years back. That was a horrible experience! My hubby came home from work and I had a 105 fever with horrible head pain and was seeing frogs crawling on the walls. They rushed me by ambulance and it turned out to be CNS Vasculitis. I was in the hospital 2 months. High doses of pulse steroids back then. I survived that and survived lupus that was very nasty back then.

BTW and Norb! This is strange! For years my husband has enjoyed cooking on the grill. And he gets spells where he will want to cook dinner. The summer time on the grill he is constantly cooking. Well everytime he cooks, I would end up getting terribly sick. For years! I have watched him cooking my food because I found it strange me getting sick and did not want to think my husband was giving me poison. LOL! But the thought did enter my mind! ROFL! He used Soy Sauce and certain Sauces on the foods and after checking them out today. They have Gluten in them. So technically he has been feeding me poison but didn’t mean too! ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ I just couldn’t figure out why the man would want me dead! We get along great! But then I thought about the Black Widow movie I saw where she was all lovey dovey and was killing her husbands.
I have seen myself get so sick after I ate from his cooking that I even asked a doctor to check me for poison. Oops! His cooking tasted great! So it wasn’t his cooking but what he has been putting on the food that is making me sick. That is if I do have Celiac. Never told my husband I did that! But it did cross my mind. After looking up Celiac Disease and the foods that can cause problems.. maybe that is why I am not getting better! I have felt so bad that it does make you feel like you are dying. Ended up in the ER several times too!
But now that I look back the foods I have been eating has been like eating arsenic poisoning. Starting tomorrow I plan on going Gluten free and seeing what happens. Going to take a while to remove the toxins but if this is the problem, I need to start now and maybe I will get better! We shall see what happens.
I really felt bad thinking my husband was poisoning me! LOL! But when you get sick everytime he cooks you do get a bit worried. I have watched him cooking too and would pick the one he had for himself and still got sick. Then I figured out it was the spices he was using on some things. So I bought the spices an they made me sick!
I might not even have the Celiac but to now have a family member with it and my symptoms are simular maybe that is why I am not getting better.
My New Years Resolution! Quit eating Gluten, loose the Prednisone pounds and hopefully stop seeing doctors every two weeks and pray I get back to every 3 months and it would be really fantastic if I get to 6 months seeing them. One step at a time!
Have a great evening
Linda H