Hi Newhaven!

January 16, 2009 at 10:05 pm

Hi Newhaven! Bless your heart! I feel for you my dear friend! Have they checked for a bleed on her brain. Sometimes those strokes like that can cause a bleed on the brain and the blood has to absorb before she can come back to normal as far as the stroke goes.
It depends on what kind of stroke she had. A bleed on the brain type of stroke…once the blood absorbs she may come back too and do okay or she might come back too and have damage also from the stroke. Just depends on how bad that stroke damaged her brain and the area. If she had a motor cortex stroke then she may be a while recovering. The GBS varies on each patient. Some recover with weeks and others may take months. Having a stroke on top of GBS may cause more delays in her recovery.
The only thing you can do right now is say many prayers. Let your mom know you are there for her and try your best to get her going! Read to her, tells her you love her and just pray she gets well!
Time will tell what she will be like! She has two problems she is fighting right now. If they can get one controlled then the other problems will have a chance to improve. But with stroke on top of GBS. She may suffer permanent damage and not recover completely. Prayer is going to be her answer right now. Strong prayer! Keep us posted! I will pray for your mom until I hear from you again! Hugs
Linda H