Hi Mrsjmanning

September 9, 2011 at 3:02 pm

After four years of searching for answers and going to various doctors, I was actually relieved to get a diagnosis of CIDP about a year ago. That may sound strange but I am the type of person who felt validated. I finally had concrete evidence because of a sural nerve biopsy that could not be refuted by anyone including my insurance company. Until the diagnosis, my symptoms were dismissed by others, even by my family, which was rather upsetting. I had begun to feel like a hypochondriac and was doubting my own sanity.

Now, I am trying to educate people about the condition and I can see the difference in the way that I am treated by others. So, I have accepted that I have CIDP and am making it my life’s task to education myself as well as anyone else who is interested. That is my goal. Although, I have not improved a lot…there is always hope.