September 9, 2008 at 8:49 am

Hi MDM! So glad you are going to take a little more time to heal up. I know you are worried about everything right now but the most important thing is you! You have to be ready and if your not ready, it’s only going to hurt you in the long run.
I hope you get your voice back soon and be the person you were before all this happened to you. One thing I have learned in life is that we all face challenges. Somewhere down the road no matter who we are will face a challenge in our lives. Sometimes those challenges are alot harder on one than the other.
Illness is a hard challenge to have to deal with. Please keep us posted on how you are doing! I will keep you in my prayers and hope that you soon get recovered from this nasty illness! Hugs MDM! Take care!


August 22, 2008 at 8:36 am

Hi MDM! The only bad thing about being sick and having an experience like you have had is the frustration of not knowing your future. You worry about your future and at the same time you worry about the food on the table. I had a $30000.00 a year job back in the 80’s and back then that was good money. Was the bread winner in the family. My job was very strenous on me! I had alot on me with my job. I used to work for a place called Jean Nicole and was a District Manager for the Company. So I had to travel alot from Store to Store checking on the employees and the stores. Plus hire new managers and train them. I had to cover 23 stores. My hours each week averaged close to 75 hours a week. Very tiring! And alot of walking!
I ended up having to quit because I just could not do it anymore and was on the verge of being let go because of spending to much time out for illness. And I was a very devoted employee with them for several years.
Then I tried part time work and that too was making me sick. My body just would not let me work. When that happens, you get depressed and you feel useless. Then you worry about the future. I myself became a major worry wart! I was worried about everything! My husband back then was an auto mechanic and used to play in a band. He went back to playing his music so he could bring in extra money. Disability.. took two years for me to even get in the system. So we had to struggle for two years until I started getting a paycheck again.
When I got my first SSD paycheck, I cried! My income when I was working was $625 a week but after taxes, I brought home a little over $500.00. I was used to shopping, driving, enjoying myself to suddenly see this measly $457.00 a month paycheck. To me it was an insult! But I had no choice but to take that check. And the way disability treats you while you are trying to get on makes me wonder how many died because of the system we have in the US and never even got a chance!
One of the hardest things to adjust to when you get sick is not being to go back to work after you were used to it all those years. And then the bills come in and you get all upset about that. You worry about the others in the house and how everybody is going to adjust to your illness. The first two years of being sick is like a Mental and Physical Challenge. Here you were with a life to suddenly not have one! Clinical depression can set in and everything else. I truely understand what you are going through. Certainly not a 24 hour virus that you deal with and then go back to work in a few days. This is much more challenging!
And what makes me mad is when a person gets this sick, they don’t need this kind of stress on them. They need to take that time for recovery and healing. Not worrying about money, food and bills! I found out real quick how my system works in the US. Instead of a person that needed human compasion, I found out I was only just another number that the government deals with everyday! Only a number! Your feelings get hurt really bad when you get treated this way. Here I was with a name and a life trying to be successful and be a part of the system. To suddenly become a number! I hope you recover from this quickly and can go back to work. But if your not able then you do what the next step would be! I know you have all this hope right now and want your life back. But you may have to except that not all of it will come back the way it was before! Just don’t want to see you getting let down here. Good luck and I hope things go well soon