hi mary!

July 12, 2008 at 6:40 pm

well, im doing really good! this baby is due in 18 days! cant believe i made it through the past 9 months! whew!

im happy for you that your children are so supportive. my youngest, age 7, is a sweetie. he is very accepting of my limitations and never, ever complains. my 13 year-old is just the opposite. he had me in tears the other day, counting on his fingers, yelling to me all of the ways that im a lousy mom now. “You don’t work! You can’t keep the house clean! You don’t do anything! You stay in bed all day! You don’t cook anymore! You don’t pay the bills around here”… (my short-term disability just expired on july 4th, so technically it is my hubby’s money that pays the bills)

I tried so hard, but i burst out in tears. That was after i asked him if he was saying those things because he was scared about my health, or because he was truly mad. He said, “It’s sure not that im scared!” I couldnt belive that after working so hard all of my life, and being such a good mom, daughter, wife, etc., that he would say those things to me. im trying not to hold a grudge about it, but it sure is hard.

i think this baby is going to bring me so much peace. my health is way better now, so i dont have that fear of being a bad mom anymore. a couple weeks ago, i cried my eyes out at my o.b. visit, asking my doc how in the world im going to take care of this baby. but that is all water under the bridge now, and i think im even well enough to go back to work whenever my hubby is ready. im even baby shopping quite a bit lately:p thats always fun!

well, thank you for your kind words! you are a pleasure to talk to!
take care and enjoy those kids!