Hi Mary Beth and all

September 14, 2008 at 7:22 pm

I am glad that you have found this site and a place to “talk” with people going through similar things in life. I have a couple of comments to add.

Regarding physical therapy–I have heard a lot of people comment on the benefit of “core strengthening exercises” to help with balance. this might help a little more with people with peripheral weakness, but with peripheral sensory loss, a stronger core= middle of the body will still help balance. The neurologist at the Neuropathy Association Supprt Group I attend is a strong advocate of sitting on one of those exercise balls to help the core of you get better balance. I have to admit I have not tried it as I am sure I would fall off immediatedly, but someday…. When you cannot feel your feet or how to reallign peripherally, better central control of balance and allignment will help.

You asked about vitamins. I think a lot of us do take vitamins and supplements. I think I do it as much for the hope that it might help as for a feeling that it is, but I also figure it will not hurt. Were you checked to make sure that you are not low on B12? The neurologist at the Neuropathy Association support group also advises to take a good multivitamin (100% RDA), consider additional B12, consider L-carnitine, consider coenzyme Q. I have seen some things about vitamin D and E deficiency associated with neuropathy. B12 is the one most commonly associated with neuropathy (still rare) and I would take it and a multivitamin. there is some information in MS that L-carnitine may help fatigue. Coenzyme Q helps mitochondrial conditions and energy production, but it is expensive. You can get neuropathy from too little or too much B6, so be a little careful with this one. I think the bottom line is that if you can afford it and it will not make you feel more like a sick person, it might to worth the effort to try some of these. I have to add that I have always been a person to quote that it is better eat well than to take vitamins, but I changed a little because of needing to try to help someway.
WithHope for a better understanding of causes and ways to improve these neuropathies.