Hi Lindz

September 17, 2008 at 6:59 pm

Hi Lindz! One of the hardest things about Prednisone is weight gain. Very typical side effects and it can cause a terrible case of the munchies. And most that are on high doses feel a constant hunger. Sweets especially! I have seen high doses and low doses of prednisone. The higher doses are the worst in gaining weight. Some of the weight can’t be avoided but some can!
If on high doses make sure you get anough calcium. The bones are very important that you keep calcium because prednisone can cause bone loss in high doses. High carborhydrate foods and foods with alot of sugar needs to be avoided as much as possible. They can throw some pounds on you to take forever to lose.
Fresh vegetables, fruits are the proper things to eat. Chips, donuts, cakes and sweet stuff is bad while being on prednisone. And midnight snacks are not good either while on pred! Eating a regular diet is the best option not adding extras and salt is also bad while on prednisone. Can cause fluid buildups!
Sticking to a low fat low carborhydrate diet is the best option while being on this drug. I learned the hard way when I first got placed on it and now watch my diet when I am on high doses! Hope this helped and nice to meet you in here~