Hi Kthimann

January 19, 2009 at 12:28 am

Hi Kthiemann! I don’t really know of anyone out there but I think Gary on the forum lives in Texas and might be the one to ask. Also looking up Neuro’s online and maybe calling one might just give you a lead in seeing one. Another option is to get your Neuro now that you see to refer you to one. The doctor you see now might be your best option for he normally has access to the doctors in that area and knows what field or specialty to look up leading you to the right doctor!
I have learned with my illness that their is a Neuro and then there is the Neuro but some of them specialize in one disease more than others. If you get the wrong kind of Neuro that does not treat patients like us that much might be more harm than good. At least give your regular Neuro a chance to find a good one for you! Then your not stuck like me when I moved going from doctor to doctor trying to get treatment. Which caused me major headaches and hassles. And I got worse instead of better. Now I have the right doctors but suffered a good 6 years trying to get the proper treatment.
If I ever move again, I plan on getting a referral from my doctors so I won’t be in the dark ever again! Hope this helps and welcome to the site! Hugs
Linda H