Hi Jupe

August 22, 2008 at 4:58 pm

I am so glad to hear your girl friend is doing much better and continuing to show improvement. Kind of strange how you mentioned the ER visits and doctor’s visits. The attack on my nervous system in June, I went to 2 different ER’s and one gave me Ativan and the other one gave me Tylenol with Codiene. Then saw my old Rheumatologist and he got pure ignorant with me. Told me to go to the ER. My regular doctor took me in with care and referred me to see a Neurologist and new Rheumatologist. The new Rheumatologist… ify about him but the new Neurologist decided it was time I saw someone at Duke. Still on waiting list! So I am so glad that somebody took her seriously and started treating her!
One thing I can’t understand! We have these doctor’s going to medical school for all these years in college. But alot of them go into certain specialties. Becoming a specialist in one certain field. Are they even teaching these doctors all the different medical diseases out there? Giving them the knowledge that they need to really diagnose a patient! Not one single doctor I have ever seen has given me a spinal to check for elavated proteins. For me to have nervous systems problem you would think that would be their first option of testing.
I remember years ago seeing alot of exploratory surgeries because patients were being hard to diagnose. And many doctors found the problems with alot of patients. Now they rely too much on MRI’s and Labs. They see nothing in your labs or MRI and you are labeled having stress! No wonder so many are not getting diagnosed. And the worst part is having an ER department now where too many uninsured hit causing overcrowding in the the department and the poor doctor is doing nothing but relying on those labs. Because he don’t have time for nothing else.
And I hate to say it! But we have too many running to the ER for minor injuries that really are not ER issues. The other night when I was in the ER. There was a girl there that got her mouth popped from a fight. I did not see any gash in her lip. No broken teeth. Just a swollen lip! 5 people were with her all laughing and cutting up and being noisy in the ER waiting room. That was a wasted spot! Then some guy sitting on the other side of me and me husband was sitting there with his foot hurting! No swelling and was walking on it and the only reason he was probably there was to get a doctors note to be out of work a few days. Another wasted spot!
And too many abuse going to the ER for things that can be treated at home. And what it does is cause problems for patients like your girl friend and myself and many others that really need diagnostic time. And I see it getting worse instead of better!
But anyway! I wish you and your girlfriend my very best. Sounds like she is a fighter and trying really hard to get well again! May she recover soon!