Hi Johnny Mac

October 13, 2008 at 5:35 pm

Hi Johnny Mac! My story is a little different but this is what kept me going. I have three beautiful children which are all grown now. My husband Andy is my second marriage. My first marriage was not a great one.
I met Andy about 3 years later and we got married.
My first husband never paid child support and would forget their birthdays, Christmas and everything else. But yet he insisted on seeing them. I would let them visit and see their dad. I started getting sick 3 months after me and Andy got married. Andy raised my children as if they were his own children and was really more of a father than their own dad.
My first husband died at a very young age right after our divorce. And my children and I went to the funeral. He left them with nothing! He had nothing! Made $600.00 a week and had nothing.
I guess that was my will power! When I saw my son and two daughters have nothing of their father, I just did not want my children loosing their mother too and having nothing to give them in future years. It’s bad enough loosing a dad but loosing both parents at a young age. I prayed every day for a diagnoses back then and eventually got one.
Too keep my mind off my illness I started my crafting and would lay in bed making each one of my children a Hope Chest. Little Heirlooms for them to have when I either passed or when they got older. They have crocheted Afghans, Pillows, Christmas Decorations each have a set of dinnerware, silverware and I even made my future grandchildren baby blankets and clothes. And two have now been born!
So my children are what kept me going. I made goals each week and now they all have their own box of little goodies. Well! If I died today! My children would have an inheritance now. Been collecting for years! I made my mind up that when I go, they will have something from their mother! My second husband even gave them a gift! A special gift! He took my children in and became a good loving caring father! In later years my children wanted my husbands name and Andy adopted them. Andy and I tried twice to have a child of our own but I lost both babies! The first pregnancy I was 5 months. The baby died 3 days later! A little boy. Then we tried again and we had a daughter. At 7 months the babies heart stopped and she was still born! My children wanted Andy to be their father and we granted them that wish!
My husband and children was what kept me sane and fighting! Thanks to them I am still alive today!