Hi Joan and Jamie!

October 13, 2008 at 8:17 am

Joan! I will keep your family in my prayers and hope that Bill starts getting treatment for this soon. It certainly has been rough for you all this time and Bill has not had it easy either. The Unknown is far more worse than having the known. There is still a chance for Bill and now that they know what he has, he might just turn around and get better. Maybe a remission! So their’s still hope! He has a nasty illness indeed! But he may just get that chance now of going into remission that he did not have before! We will pray for that to happen!
Jamie! This is aweful about that fight! The other boy was trying to place spray paint in your sons face and punched him first. Wouldn’t that be considered assault against him. I would have filed one back against her son! Sometimes neighbors can be very dangerous friends. Especially when it comes to money.
Saw a situation in my neighborhood a few years back where two neighbors were good friends. And they got along fine with each other. One bought a brand new car and decided to go over and show it to the neighbor. They were cooking dinner at the time and while they were outside their house was smoking. The one neighbor ran into the house and grabbed the frying pan of grease that had caught fire and the neighbor was coming in behind him. When he turned around with the pan they collided. Burning the one neighbor pretty bad. They ended up getting sued and now no longer speak to each other.
I hope you get things straightened out and the woman drops charges. What about her son? He was in the wrong too! Spraying that can of paint could have gotten into your sons eyes and blinded him. You have my prayers that this gets settled in an easy way! I hope that lady changes her mind and realizes what all happened here! Good luck Jamie! Good luck Joan! Sending hugs both your way!