Hi Jersey

June 6, 2009 at 5:40 am

Hi Jersey! Make sure when you send everything back in to add a doctors statement that tells them this treatment is medically necessary in order for you to get well. Giving them the diagnoses of why you need this treatment and without it you will become much sicker needing hospital cares and more expenses will then occur!
Bad thing about Medicare. No telling what they have hired there! Could be some Jo Smo that has no knowledge of what CIDP is and might see it as not being covered when it actually might be! So when they look up the reference in the computer they might not even have this disease listed. Causing it to be thrown out as not being covered my Medicare.
I sure hope things work! Let them send he bills and keep bugging you. Don’t let this worry you. Send them 5 dollars a month and say this is all you can pay right now! They can’t harrass you if you send in at least a small payment! I incurred $4000.00 this year alone in medical bills and only pay them what I can! Take it or leave it is what I say! They take it and don’t bother me! Me and my husband though do pay more than $5.00. We pay $200.00 a month. I get the bills down to 1800 and then here comes more! So I never really get caught up. Hugs
Linda H