Hi Jenni,

November 19, 2006 at 9:58 pm

This is my second post. I’m new to this forum too. I have had GBS for over a year now. In this time I have had to learn like everyone here that slowing down is the first step after testing. Stress and worry won’t help and yet it’s hard not to do. True the bills and family need our attention but think of it as a time out period. Make a Ben Franklin list. On one side write down all the things you can re-arrange and on the other side a list of those you can’t change. Check your community and churches for help. You might be surprised at the kindness of people. File for SSI right away and keep copies of all your test results and medical records. It takes along time to process about 5 months but it seems like forever. During the 5 months of waiting try to get help through your state and food shelves. Keep in touch here for all the support and help we can all give you. Love, Peeps